Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art studio now upstairs.

I moved my art studio upstairs. 

As you go up the stairs, there was this "dead space" (as Chuck fondly referred to it) that was 
also known as the "library". heeheehee library... who am I kidding?
Anyway, it held an exercise machine and books. I needed the space ~ so now, as you go upstairs and head right, tucked away in the small space, is my new art studio.

The new flea market chandelier hangs above the art table.
(see following post about the flea market chandelier)
I'm going to really 'over do it' with more crystals... lots and lots...
Everything in our house is rustic. I need a little "fancy"  :)

The view to the right with the balcony overlooking the living room.
My next plan is to make a "L" shape with work tables. I'm looking for a
hollow door (or something free) to put up on any kind of two supports. 
Anything cheap will do to hold more working space.
Looks like next weekend is "dumpster diving"!

View to the left. I have some great shelves here to hold supplies.
Hopefully, I can get the carpet out (we put it in, when we built the house in 1979) and have
some (fake) wood floors installed.

Looking for a second table about this size...

This is my sister Kathy, in a jar... She came upstairs with my supplies 
and of course the chicken came too.

These are some upcoming projects and finished stuff too.


Always surrounded by some angels...

and few other "flying" friends...

hmmmmmm, not so attractive...

This was the other project this weekend. This pillow (above) was from a couch (also from 1979) that is also upstairs. The couch is very comfortable, but also very dated looking. I've decided to try my hand at furniture recovering. I love the look of linen and white so I'm in process of making pillow covers. Next is to cover the sofa. The pillow (below) is the first finished pillow.

 Hey! I like it! And NO pattern! I felt like an engineer trying to figure out how to 
put all these pieces together! One pillow down, 6 more to go, plus the couch. 

I gotta be nuts.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Yay...I'm so glad you have more space, more natural light, etc...the chandelier is so fab over your work table, sure beats my ugly Ott lamp, lol! I'm sure being up there, looking out over nature will inspire you too ;)

    1. Joyce, Thank you! I really like it. Besides the heat, (it's very hot upstairs and I hate to run the air all the time) it's going to work out well. I may have to break down and run the air conditioner and pay the extra money... I want to work up there all the time!

  2. So glad for you, your new studio space is larger! Large window for light! Keep creating my friend! Pillow is very nice!

    1. Thanks Brigitte! I think it's going to be nice. I'm already using it and that's a good sign!

  3. I love the space! It looks so inspiring! Wish I had a space right next door to you.....

  4. Ahhh kim, what I really want is a studio with wood floors, a wall with a cool easel stand with a water catcher at the bottom, a closet filled with canvas's, music from my iPod that plays only the coolest music, and of course a muppet dog that sleeps under my feet.
    or I'll stay where I am if you move in next door, or down stairs.