Sunday, June 16, 2013

Girl's weekend!

My brother is in town from the Philippines with my niece, Kelly. He decided to go visit friends for the night and Kelly and I got some real "girl" time. I had boys not girls!!! What do I do with a little girl? But my friend recommended what I do best, an art weekend. 
Kelly was totally on board, she loves to journal and paint!

My friend also recommended a trip to the makeup store, after all, what girl doesn't like a lip gloss? 
Next, I did what I love to do and that's take photos. Time for a "America's Next Top Model" photo shoot. Wash and blow dry the hair, use that new lip gloss, set up the "Top Model" fans to blow the hair 'model style' and .... What fun we had!!!!

Kelly loved it and she is so photogenic! 

Of course we made prints of some of the photos because it's Father's Day. 
We needed a gift for daddy!

Time for our next project.

We made her dad a picture frame, made from (mosaic tiles) polymer clay and put in one of the photos. It turned out beautiful.

I had a great girl's weekend. I love this kid!
Thank's Kelly! I had such a ball!
'auntie k'


  1. What a fun time and a fabulous idea for a gift!!

    1. Thank you Barbara! I had so much fun with her!
      I haven't visited your blog in a while, I went over to see what you're up to. BEAUTIFUL as always!
      I loved your father's day cards and the card that had "Time to Party" How adorable!
      So glad to see you're still making art!

  2. That is wonderful! Time with family! Beautiful girl!