Sunday, May 5, 2013

My trip to Newnan!

I spent some time in Newnan Georgia a few weeks ago. What a wonderful little city!
I would LOVE to buy a small home there, for a getaway spot.
uhhh, yeah, right... :)

The trip was to visit my sister Rudi and my dearest friend Kim.
You can visit kim at:
and see her art on facebook at her site
Kimberly Ramey Artist

The best part was lots of painting! Kim has the best studio space, inspiring
art all around, all the supplies needed, plenty of food and we had two very intertaining dogs.

Sister Rudi above.... working on an angel watercolor piece. 

The conversation was wonderful and inspiring. 
I love these two women with all my heart.

 The above picture is the art studio floor. I was working on a masterpiece
and I was throwing paper all around the studio.
Kim was very cool about the mess. Actually, she made most of it...

The above picture needs no explanation....

This is a coffee and cookie break. 
A LOT of coffee was needed.

The "walk about' in downtown Newnan. Did I mention I love this city?
The two pups are Toby (left) and Tula (on the right).
There will be a wedding soon... Love is blind, size doesn't matter.

I fell in love with this house. It just sold for $245 thousand dollars. WHAT??!!?? 
Yes, it is so. New roof, solid original wood floors through out, solid wood staircase... OMGOSH!
If only I had money to burn.

My love of cemetery angels. 
This one was taken at the Newnan Cemetery.

Last photo today. My adorable (great?) niece Jessie (on the left),
my sister Rudi and Kim, standing in front of the Lion Statue at the 
Atlanta Oakland Cemetery.
I not only love Newnan, but I also really love this group of great women.
Thank you for a  fabulous trip.

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  1. this post makes my heart hurt from missing you! it was a fabulous time...when I win the Lottery I am buying three houses in a row. One for you and one for me and one for Roo.