Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paint on my hands.

Paint on my hands.

It has been almost a month since I've posted on my blog.
What the heck? Where has the time gone?
Well, I've been busy for sure. The highlight of my month was a visit (in Atlanta) to my sister Rudi  and dearest friend Kim, for a week of deep talks, great food, wine, coffee, 
and best of all, lots of painting.
I'm slightly losing my momentum since I've returned, which is disturbing. However, I did go and buy
about 15 canvas's so I would be ready when the time comes. Now I'm going to order the paints.
Beautiful, deep saturated colors of acrylic paints and cheap! (check out Once the paints are in, I have no excuse. An artist I will be!
Fun times.
I have done a little painting since I got home. This is a journal page.

"She was a kind of beatuy
But not the common kind."

hmmm..... certainly not.

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  1. I love her uncommon beauty with her bouquet of creatures. You make me smile. alway.s