Sunday, March 3, 2013

A new project for the "Schizophrenic Journaling" class, scheduled for March 16th.

First, a vote for "Tim Holtz's" new tissue paper. It is beautiful! It comes on a roll (15 wonderful feet) and is perfect for, well... just about anything you want to use it for. 
So, here is the project.
Buy a wooden board from "Home Depot" The one I'm using is 6'x3".
Paint it white. Wrap the edges with the "Tim Holtz" tissue paper, shown below.
I glued it down with "Mod Podge".
To save on my paper, I left the center open~ on the front and back on the wood.

Now the fun part! Cut small pieces of paper to fit onto the wood.

Decorate the papers with stamps, paints, ephemera...

Before you glue these down, color wash (stain) the edges of the "Tim Holtz" tissue so it isn't stark white. Glue the beautifully decorated papers you worked on, into place onto the wood.

Don't forget to add a few of your paintings!

Because it's so long, I had to post these pictures in stages.
This is the top.
I also included strips of tapestry fabric, see, just under the angel.

This is the middle. I attached the Scrabble pieces that spell "play", with E6000 glue.

This is the bottom part.

This is the piece in total.... kinda hard to see, but in person, it's nice. 
I think the beauty of this idea is, it's limitless. Think about it.
A baby shower. Make one for the baby.
A wedding. Make one to include photos and wedding details.
Custom make one for a child's room, use matching fabrics!
Plus, it's long and skinny and there is ALWAYS a place in your home that
needs a long skinny piece of art.

March 16th @ the Paper Niche. 
10:00AM to hmmmm, not sure what time to end this one.

Really looking forward to this class!
BTW The tissue paper from Tim Holtz and the papers are from