Sunday, February 10, 2013

37 years... what????

This week (the 8th of February) Chuck and I made our 37th year wedding anniversary.

 I thought I'd post a few photos of our wedding day. 

We were married in 1976, at my parent's home. Horses were in the barn, dogs were running around,
too much food and alcohol consumed by most, music from the radio, it was wonderful. 
Chuck is sitting (above) on one of the paddock fences.

The reception, (immediately following the wedding) was a mere 10 feet out of the
living room and by the pool. Mom cooked and the "Deli Den" also made us platters
 of sandwich meats and breads. Tim (far left) the owner of the "Blue Parrot" on Fort Lauderdale
beach was our bartender and supplier of all the drinks. I love the picture of my sister and
brother hugging on the right!

Traditional cake cutting...

 The "I promise I won't smear cake on your face, whoops I lied." picture.

 Escaping the rain of rice. 
Notice on the bottom right, my brother's clenched fist of rice, ready to take aim.   :)

Back yard posing.

In the car ready to leave for our honeymoon. It was one night at "Pier 66" 
on the Intercoastal, in Fort Lauderdale.

We wanted something simple. 
Close friends and family gathering to witness our commitment to each other and starting 
our lives together. I loved it and 37 years later, I still love him.
Congratulations sweet, wonderful husband of mine. You're simply the best.


  1. Congrats to a wonderful couple! Love your wedding ceremony! Bravo!

  2. I loved this post. I didn't know you back then, so this gives me a glimpse of your past I didn't know much about, your beginning with Chuck. Wonderful pictures and your comments are so perfect :) Congratulations! You were a gorgeous bride, but I think you're even more beautiful now. Love ya, dear friend. Charlene