Sunday, January 20, 2013

Working with stencils and gesso.

I'm working with 'claudine hellmuth's' Studio gesso.
I am loving it. It is gesso, but with a little more paste
than what I'm used to working with. As a result, I'm
getting  a really nice raised stencil effect.

I positioned the stencil where I wanted it. Next I
scooped on about a tablespoon of gesso and smoothed it
down with an old credit card. Remove the stencil and
there it is! I used a smaller stencil for her crown.

Paint a layer of mod pog over both pages.
Next came layers of paper, painting the girl, more stencils, 
walnut ink (splattered on with a tooth brush) and add the words
or message of your choice.
I'm listening to the message in my head.
Happy new week to everyone.


  1. This is beautiful. The colors, her face, the layout... all of it.

    1. Thank you so much! I love working in those colors of umber, golden, creams and rust. Thank you for the sweet comment!

  2. this is soooo good. do you think this gesso is different than the textured paint we used in faux finishes?

    1. Hey Kim. I don't remember much textured paints when we were working together... I do know that this one is cool because it doesn't lift off the page, even when I bend it in half. I'm looking forward to using this gesso again. Maybe we could gesso together.