Sunday, January 6, 2013

A good stencil...

 I've collected a lot of stencils over the years. I believe this one is a Jan Dressler.
The head board was one we found dumpster diving. It's surprising how many 
of this type of head board gets thrown into the garbage.

I've used this stencil shape in many different projects, from furniture to art work. I finished off the above head board with a crackle paint.

The above picture is the same stencil only this time I used it on an old shelf.

 This is another headboard found in the garbage. 
I painted this one black and stenciled it in metallic golds.

 Kinda hard to see this similar stencil shape in this above journal entry. 
The main difference is this one is small enough to use in art work.

One last "scrolly" stencil. This is actually the same one that was used in the 
journal page (above) with the girls face, only this one I used on a TV hutch that I painted.

I can't get this same effect using paint. I love the clean lines the stencils
have and blending the colors is also made much easier. 
Fun stuff.

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