Sunday, February 26, 2012

Journal 1, followed by 2 & 3

I have been a journal-er for years.  
The tags above are on the spiral spine of the journals. I date
them so I can be (somewhat) organized.

This is an entry from one of my journals dated April 1975.
They didn't have quite as much art in them, in those days.

Here's one from 1983.
Yeah, a lot has sure changed. I can see where even my
hand writing has changed from the 1975 to the 1983 entry.
Now I record everything from my doctor's appointment, to funny jokes.
Even ticket stubs find the way into a journal.
The following 2 posts (Journal 2&3) are some 
of the more recent journal pages.

Journal 2

This was a journal project done a few years back.
It was in many ways, a form of therapy. 

I chose for this journal to work in deep reds. 
I found out later that in "art therapy" classes,  dark red is often an indication of depression.
Well go figure.

The journal was sent to 3 other artists to add their work to the pages.
The only restriction was they too, had to work in dark red.
It was a beautiful collaboration. 

This is probably one of my favorite stamps. It says
"Her art disturbed her"

I usually complete at least one journal a year.
This particular spiral binding I buy from 'Barnes and Noble'. 
I've worked in this type journal for at least 12 or 13 years.
It's ideal for me because it opens up to lay flat.
And the price has stayed the same.
Only $10.95 for 10 years!
i think it's gotten thinner though...
next post "Journal 3" continued...

Journal 3

This is the back of the red journal. 
On the can of red paint are the words 
"Youth", "(Somewhere in the middle" and "Old age scares me".

This page is "do they see me". 
It's done with an old black and white photo of me and Ryan.
There is a filmy fabric placed over the top in layers.

A journal page in the red journal.

Water color angel outlined in wire.

Another b&w photo of my family.
I like the layered gauzy fabric softening the picture,
kinda like the memories.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

little details

Still working on small house "redos", after the remodeling. 
The base boards and levelor doors were  all dark wood from the 70's. We changed the base boards to a light cream color through out the house and now are repainting all the doors.

While painting the doors the new (fresh clean cream) color,  I realized how 
dull and uninteresting the old knobs were. 
Just plain, round, brown wood.
My sweetheart has a bucket of old handles and drawer pulls left over from his building birdhouse days.

Off came the 'old knobs' and on with the older-distressed-crummy-knobs. 
Hee hee...
I like the the new/old character better, it's more interesting.

Computer down!

My computer was down for a rest.
My computer was being worked on by my
best friend. Bob.
I'm starting to blog again this week.