Sunday, December 23, 2012

Well, Christmas is almost here. Once again I have totally lost track of time.
I really thought it was this coming Thursday.
What is happening to the time these days? Did we loose an entire week into a black hole?
Just yesterday was Thanksgiving!

 These were some holiday gift bags for a wonderfully fun gift exchange,
that I was invited to this year. I loved the glittered acorns tied to the top,
thanks to the huge oak trees in front of LA Fitness!

This ornament is Daffy Duck. I know he doesn't look like Daffy. His sponge
"beak" wore off years (and YEARS) ago. See, I had Daffy on OUR family tree when I was
around 3 years old!

Even the birds got into the Christmas spirit!!!

Our trees went to an all white light theme this year. I kind of missed the multi-colored 
lights, but the white is very soft and pretty too.

The antler chandelier was also switched over all white.

 More all white decoration. I love these two angels. They are from one of my
favorite stores, that has since (I purchased them) has closed down. 
It was a very sad day for me. :(

And the last "decorations" picture... This year we ran candles up to the top of the fireplace.
The candles in the foreground are distressed old spindles that have been
given new life as candle holders.

To all my friends and family, I'm wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.
Hold your loved ones close. 
Tell them you love them.
A lot. 

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