Sunday, September 23, 2012

A crown weekend.

 It's been a crown weekend. :)
I'm trying to make one entirely out of card stock, 
not using any chicken wire like the construction of all my other crowns. 

The owner of
"Paper Niche" (Tammy) asked if I would make
 a Christmas Crown and teach a class on it.

 However, she is looking for a Christmas crown. This one
took a decided turn for the Shabby Chic.

 She has just received the most beautiful "Nut Cracker" papers, in golds, purples and wine colors. That is the inspiration for next week. I will hopefully post a Christmas crown very soon.

Everyone needs a crown to walk around the house in, right? 
Or to the food store?
Or date night?

I'm all for a little 
self imposed importance.


  1. You should try to go to Publix! Just to see hihi. Starbucks would be great, you should do a day of QUEEN!

  2. Hi Karen, you are amazing. This crown is simply gorgeous. LOVE it.

  3. a date night crown. .... heeheehee. this is beautiful. I like the wings, a lot.