Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing around

I spent the weekend working on some journal pages again. 
Art continues to be my therapy.  I can always lose myself in a project. 
Believe me, this weekend I was lost a lot.

This is a new set of angel wing stamps I found at Paper Niche.
They are some of the nicest ones I've found.
The below templates (stencils) are also from Paperniche. They're are wonderful for layering paint, ink, chauks (whatever your using). It  gives the pages a little depth.
Hey, I'm the first one to tell you how I "cheat" on some of my techniques, yes?

Her nose shrunk. 
What happened here? Ha! 
Well, she was fun and the project kept my brain busy for a few hours. I really need
to look at a picture of a face before I draw one. That way it's (a little) more correct!

No good scary movies on this weekend. I watched "It's Complicated" again.
Probably better for inside my head anyway. I still can't stop laughing over 
that scene where Meryl Streep is in the bushes with Steve Martin getting high.
It cracks me up every time.
I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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  1. love the new angel wings stamp...beautiful journal page with Serenity...
    love you
    thinking about you