Sunday, June 17, 2012

working with faces

The thing about teaching is you have to be ready for what you are going to teach. 
I mean really,
the teacher is suppose to know a little more than the students, 
so I'm working a lot more than usual to come up with ideas to teach.
Today I played in my journal all day.  This coming Saturday (23rd) I will be teaching again (yeah!! ) at the 'Paper Niche' store.
This should be a fun class, with loads of new stuff.

Besides teaching some really cool stencil techniques, we will be working with basic faces. Have I bitten off more than I can chew?? Are my girls ready for this class? 
I think that's a definite "JA!!!"
Everyone will walk away with something fun to work on at home. My new friends will
learn some cool new stuff, and I am learning more everyday. 
Like I said before, this is a win, win situation!


  1. it IS a win win. wish I were there.....painting...learning...having fun....

    1. :(
      I wish I were there, you wish you were here... was wrong with dis pic?

  2. we wish for the things we cannot have....