Saturday, June 2, 2012

My students are PROS!!!

Yeay!!!!  "Art Day" was finally here.  Today was the first class
in hopefully an 'on going' group of classes.

This is my sweet group of ladies.

 Their collage pages were beautiful!

And they say they've never done this before!!

Everything they chose was perfect.

The art work was worked beautifully and even the colors were wonderful.

I admired their bold direction and as the teacher, got many ideas 
for my own future art pages.

Many, I could totally relate to... on a personal level.

I wanted to claim as my own.

Now I want to be more BOLD with my colors!

Such great ideas.

The next class is June 23rd. It is going to be even more "funner" 
than the one today!  Lots of new ideas and more 
homework to boot. Hey, we have to 
fill up these journals!!!
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Keep up the good work.


  1. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful class today! I really hope my schedule will permit me to be able to take the rest of your classes, because you are an inspirational teacher :)

  2. Karen, today's class was great! I just found a couple of phrases/sentiments for our next class!

    Have a great weekend!

    C U the 23rd! :o)

  3. And 'thank you' to you both, for coming and also leaving the messages of encouragement!!! I hope you both enjoy the next class as much.
    Should be lots of fun.


  4. Great inspiration reading your blog today. the pages everyone created are so beautiful. i want to come down and take one of your classes. Keep up the great work. love, ronda

    1. Oh ronda!!! I miss you! Thank you for the sweet words. This is a great group of girls. I hope the classes continue and people continue to sign up. Are you still doing art??

  5. Hi Karen! Thanks again for a wonderful time in your class. I'm super excited about the 23rd!!
    Amy G.

    1. I was working on next week class today. Going to be super fun!!!!
      Can't wait to see you all again.
      PS thank you for the kind words!