Sunday, June 3, 2012

Angel on the retaining wall

 Recently I noticed a sprinkler "over spray" on the concrete overpass near our house. The
water in south Florida has a lot of rust in it, if the well does not run deep enough
 to get the clean, clear water.  
There were 4 sets of "angel wings".

Perfect! Now, with the highway under total construction, how do 
I get my model (Michelle, my son's beautiful girlfriend) up to
the wings... It's about a two story climb, almost straight up.

Also need to find a place (practically in the hwy.) to put my ladder.
I need to get as close to her height as possible.

Well, the angle still wasn't quite right, and the sun was too bright, but
I still really like the way they turned out.

 I think I need to reschedule this photo shoot before 
the construction is completed and they repaint the
retaining walls.

It helps that she is already such an angel...


  1. unbelievably cool wings... and angel. permission to paint this one day.

    1. I knew you would totally get it.
      Of course, yes, to all the above.