Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amazing students

 Today in art class (schizophrenic journaling) we painted faces. For almost all the girls, it was their
first time ever painting or even drawing a face.

Their work was so good!

 They painted eyes and noses and lips...

hair and eyebrows...

cheeks and even some shading!

 Everyone made something different.

 I loved the way this sweet 'student' took notes!

Love these eyes.

There were 10 girls taking the class and I only have 9 pictures. SOMEBODY left before I had a chance to take their project picture!
Once again, these girls out did themselves. They have drawn and painted  their first faces.
Next class, Saturday July 14th, 1:00 PM.


  1. holy cow. those are soooo good! I'm stunned. really.

  2. Thanks Kimmie!! I am loving these girls and they really are enthusiastic about learning new ideas. Wish you could come.xoxo k