Sunday, May 20, 2012

weekend trip

I traveled to Gainsville, Fl., this weekend for a family get together. 
I'm always on the look out for the unusual.
Hey! Look at the above cloud! I spied a pigElephant!!!

 And looky here... this one is a rolling dog. No, you don't want to be driving in the lane
next to mine on the turnpike because Yes, I am the woman weaving around taking pictures as I drive.

 Great local roadside stand for veggies and fruit. Also, just recently this spot was used in a movie.

Where else but north Fl. do you find this kind of great stuff? 
No wonder they used this setting in a movie... 
is that President Clinton?

And of course, some local wildlife... This is some kind of fierce animal.

Awwww just my sister's new pup.

later friends!


  1. karen, that's a whale in the second photo...but its all perspective, anyway.

    1. OMGosh!! totally a whale too! He is upside down swimming backwards!!! Who is this from?