Sunday, April 1, 2012

fun class

Donna and I took an art class last night at "The Paper Niche".  I used a new (new to me) watercolor called "Luminarious". What I loved about this watercolor paint was it flowed over the (very dry) antique  book pages without leaving any pigment marks. 
I also loved working on the old book pages. Since the watercolor is transparent, you can still see the writing on the pages.
I will definitely work on this again!


  1. the colors are so bright. is it sold in the scrapbook section or the art section?

  2. where do you get these pigments? I looked in the scrapbook section and the fine art section. are they tubes? let's run away and take some workshops. now.

  3. At the scrapbook/paper/stamp/invitations store. :) They had them by the checkout area. They are sold in small 'makeup looking' containers. I saw at least 16 colors, all very intense.
    Let's paint on old book pages.
    I want so badly to come to your house and play.