Sunday, March 25, 2012


 Our friend Marcie turned 60. There is a group of us girls that have been hanging out together, for around 17 years. I love these friends and quite frankly, would be totally lost without them. We decided to throw Marcie a surprise party on the beach. It was great fun and when it was all over, the photos were really sweet. 
I heard of a new magazine called "Mingle". It's all about parties and get togethers.
I figured, "Why not send them a few photos of Marcie's party?"

Who would have thought we would actually get published???

 I paid NO attention to "pixels" or the other 'number thingys' that were required. I just emailed a few photos.

Then of course, I forgot all about it. Which is what always happens to me at this age, 
I forgot what I did, only a few hours ago... So just imagine my surprise when I saw in the mail the complimentary magazine and explanation that we had just been published!!!

We only got one full page.

There were many great photos...

However, they only used ONE photo... But hey, I am thrilled!

These are a few other photos from the party. After this afternoon at the beach, I figured we should start a new business of "Party Planning". It was so much fun and my girlfriends and I had a wonderful time putting it all together.

We all made the decorations, too many to include in this set of photos. 

Is this REALLY what 60 looks like? 
Marcie, you continue to look fabulous and 
set an impossible standard of aging for the rest of your Ya Ya's.
We love you dearly and thank you for the opportunity for 
a wonderful day of fun.


  1. ohmyGOSH! that is the coolest thing ever!!! what a wonderful way to remember the birthday...with a mag article! woohoo! yes, Marcie's looks make me soooo jealous!!!

  2. Congratulations Karen!!!! It was so nice to meet you laies too. WOW your table setting is just gorgeous and I can't wait to take a closer look into your blog. Your friend Marcie looks amazing!

  3. omg omg omg!!! Auntie you are just too come up here (or maybe I should move down there) and we could combine our powers and be an event planning superstars!!! haha!

    Love the pictures!!! I pinned a few ;)

  4. I saw the picture in the magazine at Barnes and Noble yesterday!!!!!!!

  5. That is so cool!!! What a great added gift! Pictures look do you girls. Nice party.