Sunday, March 18, 2012

Journals or 'once again I'm cutting off my head'

Been working in my journals again. This is another "head switch". 
I don't know how to do it with Photo Shop, so I just cut off
my head and glue it onto a picture.

I love this, but I pity the girl who's body I took. :)

Here I'm working with 'color wash inks'.
Not as easy as I thought it would be.

Also using some tissue paper and old 'lay away' receipts that I coffee stained.

My sister Rudi painted the sea horses, I painted the girl.

Me at a fashion shoot for Payless shoes. Ok, not really my photo, but my head again. I even make up a story to go along with the picture.

When I think a picture I paint is particularly ugly,  I do something over the top. In this case, 
I wrote all over this face that I hated. Why do I continue to do this?
? is it? 
Marcie, are you reading this?
I guess everyone has their own way of expressing themselves 
or diving into a hobby to fill their time. I paint, draw, paste, glue, take pictures, 
cut off my head...
I guess I have to. Because, I've tried to do other things and nothing else makes me as happy.


  1. Karen these are such fun pictures! I love it. I need to try to put my head to somebody's so I would have a clear vision of this move!!!

  2. Brigitte, Everyone needs to put their head on someone else's body once and a while!!! If for nothing else, then for a different perspective! How goes the move? Your new house looks great!

  3. please don't stop cutting off your head. and will you please put my head on Michelle's body ;) pleeeease....

  4. I think I can arrange that. I'll put Eddie's head on Grizzly.

  5. that would be fantastic!!! "I want to date your dog..."