Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bird houses, can you have too many???

Can you have too many?? I think NOT! 
My house and yard are filled with little fairy type bird houses.
My husband made them for me years ago and they just get better with age.

 For a long time he sold them at art shows.

 Then he just got tired of making them. 

Friends come over the the house and always want to buy them...

 I have to let them down. "Sorry, he isn't making any more and what's left are all MINE."

This is a close up of one of the old door knobs. All the hardware and wood are salvaged from old barns and flea markets.

 There was a fair amount of 'dumpster diving' also...

The backyard used to have a pool, that leaked continuously. We buried the pool and landscaped with
the fairy village instead.

At the Christmas party we put candles in votives on all the bird houses.

They twinkle and glow all night and cast pretty shadows.

 This one is a beautiful shade of green and the roof is made from a ceiling tile.

The two on either side here are made from very old fence posts. They weigh a ton.

A coconut house!

A few by the front door. Ok, now this is
just a few too many here. I need to 
thin these out some.

The walkway by the front door.

Another grouping in the planter.

 This is a birdhouse condo!

Maybe someday he will start to make them again. Eventually, the ones outside will deteriorate and break down. Some are already showing signs of wear. It will
be sad day when I have to throw them away.


  1. Karen, I love your birdhouses! I am so glad I have some in my house. I was so happy to buy them for my store when I had one! So much talent and I agree they are more lovely with "age", Is it the same for us aging? hahaha

  2. Thank so much Brigitte! No, sorry. I am not getting better with age! Hey, by the way, how goes your move??? Are you any closer?

    1. Hi Karen, I am trying to get some items ready for the show in Ft Lauderdale next week! In between I am packing, packing, cleaning, sorting and ditching....I hope that I can move the first week in April! Amities Brigitte