Sunday, January 1, 2012

Use for old windows and ceiling tiles

Finally! We figured out what to put on that tall wall behind the sofa! 
First I reprinted all the above photos in black and white at Kinko's. The old
window frames (above) made great repurposed picture frames.

The brown shelf was purchased at Mount Dora's "Renniger's Flea Market". 
Chuck mounted picture hanger's on the back of the window frames.

The photos are mounted with clear tape. Cut very small, even sized pieces of tape, 
mount one piece in each of the 4 corners. 
Burnish down well with your finger nail.

 These plaques were way too small by themselves on the wall. I had old rusty ceiling tins (also purchased at Mount Dora) and Chuck cut out two equal sized squares and mounted them onto 
wooden frames. Next he mounted the plaques onto the center of the ceiling tiles. Now hanging on the wall between the other two, they have more "presence". 

This was originally a framed old poster. The wooden frame was a reddish color and the matting was also red. I painted the mat beige (using a small sponge roller) and next painted the frame black. The photo of Ryan was originally a color print and I had it reprinted in black and white so the entire wall worked together. Lastly, the rusty hanger on the top of the picture was part of an old fence.
I'm very happy with how it turned out, 
just wish the pictures of the overall project were better!


  1. Great use of old things! I love the tiles and the picture of Ryan.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!