Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm on Pinterest

Why am I not blogging? What is eating up all my time and keeping me from creating art, getting enough sleep and causing me to ignore my husband and Grizzly?

 Pinterest. IF you have not joined this FREE website, you DO NOT know what you are missing. I had several friends tell me about it but didn't understand the entire concept.

 Finally I had my friend help me get onto it. It is amazing and so much fun. It is filled with inspiration and ideas for any aspect of your life. Like art? Look at Pinterest. Like gardening? Check out Pinterst.
Like crowns or cooking or funny sayings or dogs or vampires or jewelry or... I could go on and on. OH, I almost forgot! How about DIY projects or cemetery concrete angels or crows? There is no end!

So do yourself a favor and  check it out. I will get back on my regular blogging schedule soon, as soon as I get off of Pinterest!

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