Sunday, May 29, 2011

My dad, Laurence Eugene Ash

Another art project from "Art and Soul". This class was taught by Stephanie Rubiano. The instructions called for an old photo and I had the perfect one. A photo of my dad around 11 years old holding a mixing bowl. The background paper was from an old journal of his that is the actual records from his cooking club.

I enlarged the page to fit onto the background. I love this... it says "I was going to be in the food club because I could not be in the pie club. I have maid a dozen cookies tonight. They seem to be good cookies." Wow, his actual handwriting.

The photo is mounted onto birch wood and cut out with a jeweler's saw. The wings are real butterfly wings, attached to the back. The crown is cut out of cookie tins and is attached to the birch wood with tiny rivets.

The final step is putting it all together under glass. (sorry about the glare) The letters are mounted onto a scrabble holder and glued into place. The box is a sweet keepsake of my dad's early years.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Polymer clay weekend/ part 1

My last weekend away for awhile. This is beautiful Lake Yale, Florida.

It is a Baptist Convention Center that hosts many venues in a year. It was a peaceful, beautiful place, filled with ancient oak trees and a magnificent lake.

This necklace is from a fabulous class taught by Maureen Carlson. The following post shows the project up close.

Another art weekend

I'm back home again, Finally! All weekends of travel are behind me. This last weekend was "Fandango", a polymer clay convention in Lake Yale, Florida.

I drove up (almost to Ocala) for this class taught by Maureen Carlson. All work shown here is hers.

She teaches how to make faces in clay, beads, and then put them all together to form a necklace. A "story teller necklace" or "spirit necklace".

It was so much fun! And she was a great teacher. These faces are pretty easy to make and the beauty is, since they arn't suppose to be "pretty", they lend themselves to messy or ugly or not perfect. Which is great because that's how I work.

I'm really glad that my 4 weeks of travel is over. I realized I don't have a wander's soul. I just want to settle down and go to work on all the great stuff I've learned over the last month. That and clean the house. It's missed me in my absense.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Art and Soul (project 1)

picture/ necklace back

The purpose of an art blog is to publish some art. Well, mine seems to be more about my life (sometimes) than about art. I try to keep a balance, however life often takes precedent over projects. "Art and Soul" was weeks ago and I haven't posted about any of my classes.
Today I'm showing off one of the necklaces

picture/necklace front

This is made out of sterling silver metal clay. It's actual silver that you roll out and press in designs, cut out shapes (like the heart) and mold into any shape you desire. Then it's fired like other clays and when it's done cooking you polish it up and it's ready to wear!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mom got married continuied...

Mom and Bob just after the wedding vows were finished. They are just the CUTEST!!

Darn! This post was suppose to FOLLOW the next post. Somehow it got mixed up and is now posting in the wrong order. Hope it still makes sense...

The "sisters" all together. Kathy, Pam (our newest sister) Rudi and me. I think she looks like us!

This was the wedding cake topper. Rudi painted it from a picture of Bob and Kay. She did the same thing for Chuck and me when we got married 35 years ago!

Mom and Bob dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

Mom wore these shoes at the wedding. She told me she didn't think they would match her outfit, "BUT THEY SAID BOB'S!!!" she told me. "I just couldn't pass them up!" So of course, Bob bought them for her. This is what you saw as she walked down the isle.
They are a riot!
Best wishes for a happy life Mom and Bob!

Hey! Mom got married!!

Mom and Kaiden (her great grandson) getting ready for the wedding.

Mom got married! She met Bob on a cruise ship almost 2 years ago. Bob was on the cruise with his family to scatter his wife's ashes. His wife had passed away from cancer 8 months earlier. Bob had been married to Pat (his wife) for 51 years. Mom had been married to our dad Larry, for 54 years. A total of 105 years married between the two of them.

Chuck (my sweetheart) walking mom down the isle.

Mom saw Bob in the ship's casino, crying. She asked him what was wrong and he explained the reason he was on the cruise. She sat and talked with him, explaining she lost her husband and listening to him speak fondly of his deceased wife.

A very happy bride!

They have been pretty much insepartable since that day. Mom is 77 years young, Bob is 76.

This bag was made for mom and Bob for their guests. It has their names, the date of the wedding and "Nothing is worth more than today", a saying that was printed onto a bracelet that Bob gave to mom.

The wedding party. Me, sister Kathy, sister Rudi, Mom, Bob, Bob's son Tom, daughter Pam, next son Tim, lastly great grand children Kaiden and Kaila.
Next post, continues wedding pictures.
Actually no, the posts are out of order and the following post already posted first. Does that make sense?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Atlanta Aquarium (part one of three)

For years I've heard of the Atlanta Aquarium. While visiting my sister she took us on the grand tour. Wow, it is amazing.

My sweet great niece viewing the huge tanks. What a beautiful girl.

SEA WORMS!! Who ever heard of these creatures??? This is what they do all day! Swaying to and fro... This, and if they are close enough, they seem to be fighting all the time. They're fighting and can't get away from each other... It's a good thing they don't have arms. With all their fighting, I'm sure if they could they would be socking the hell out of each other.
Ahhh, God and his infinite plan.

Another really cool tank. I think if I did drugs, this would have been a tripping hallucination.
The Atlanta Aquarium is a definite "go to" if you ever have some extra time in Georgia.
Parts 2 & 3 are following...

Atlanta Aquarium 2

Atlanta Aquarium 2
Wow, iridescent, glowy in the dark, fluffy underwater, jellyfish. I could watch these guys for hours.

Kim viewing the overhead tanks. I love this lighting.

OMGOSH!! This is a sea horse! It looks like a dragon. It is in fact called a Sea Dragon. I think.
I suppose you can't say "in fact" if your not sure it's a fact.

HAHAHAHA!!! This is Kimmie, popping up out of a penguin hole! I love the penguin is looking at her!

An albino alligator with his reflection under the rock. He was awesome even though he didn't do anything but sleep.
"Atlanta Aquarium 3" next post.

Atlanta Aquarium 3

Atlanta Aquarium
This above creature looks like it red velvet that was hand stitched on the edges, with beautiful satin wormy things coming out.

Yaaowww, is this the Lion fish or the Scorpion fish that is ruining the Florida Keys? He is BEAUTIFUL!

This doesn't even look real! The sharks were amazing. The next shark was coming up was really scary. I got a great picture of his sharp teeth.

get ready...


Me, my sister, and Kimmie. Nothing like family and best friends and family that is your best friend and best friends that are your family...

Create anywhere

The "Art and Soul" convention was followed by a visit in Atlanta. While staying with my sister in her new apartment I was stunned to see how creative one can be, when the urge to create is as necessary as breathing.

These fishys were in a local store that specializes in salt water aquariums. Sister Rudi is fascinated by their colors and has been painting corals and fish. The picture above is the actual photo of the fish. The one below is one of her paintings.

This tiny room below was supposed to be the LAUNDRY room. She has converted it into her painting room.

Speaking of being creative, the photo below is lunch one afternoon on her balcony. She is much more creative than I am in that room called a kitchen. :)

5 grain baguette with Taboule salad, hummus, roasted veggies, spinach, unsalted garbanzo beans and feta cheese.
And wine.