Sunday, November 20, 2011

Etching with friends!

Nothing is more fun than a day with friends!! 
Kim, Donna, Vicki and I took an etching class.

Our sweet teacher is Amy from 'Amy's Beads'.
(you can google it!)

After stamping the copper sheeting, you put it in an etching solution.

Some cool finished pieces.

1.) 24 or 26 gauge metal sheet.
2.) Etching solution. Available at Radio Shack.
3.)Stamp image on metal with Stazon Ink. 
4.) Tape off back of metal. (regular clear packing tape) 
Add additional piece of tape on back to 
suspend in etching solution. Make sure stamped 
front is submerged into solution.
5.) Leave in etching solution for 25 to 35 minutes.
6.) Remove and set into a baking soda solution to 
7.) Sand lightly with soft steel wool.
8.) Optional step, dip into 'Liver of Sulphur'
burnish off black on raised areas.
9.) Have a ball!!!


  1. It was such fun!!! thanks for thinking of me for the class. Also now that you posted the instructions i can copy them..... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Love the kitchen picture whohohho looks beautiful.

  2. wish i was down there to join in - looks like it was lots of fun. BTW - love your crown and the kitchen looks fabulous.Happy day.