Friday, November 11, 2011

My crown for Halloween

I've been locked out of my blog! I finally got back in today and am doing a little catch up. This is the crown I made for Halloween. The base is chicken wire.

Gotta love the spider!

The necklace is called a "junk drawer" necklace. It was great to finally find a place to use all the little trinket charms I've collected over the years. The inside of the middle charm says "My Wand Is Broken". I used the inside of a pocket watch and stamped it with metal letter stamps.

 Me at Starbucks (on Halloween) with my boss, Liz.

My Halloween costume. Great party again at Vicki and Heralds. I'm so glad to get back onto my blog!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh do look beautiful in that crown. What a beautiful creation Karen! Now I want to see what you would create for a queen.
    I loved the photos of you, they are awesome!!!
    hugs from here...