Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have a toilet in my front yard.

I have a toilet in my front yard. 
I have one in my backyard too. This is what happens when you take on a re tile job. Everything comes out. No sinks in the bathrooms or the kitchen. Actually, no kitchen at all. No toilets unless you use the front yard. Which BTW is a favorite for my husband and son anyway... One of the many plus's of living in the country.

I have oatmeal, glasses and bananas in the hutch and a refrigerator beside my couch.
I kinda like the last one. I'm getting used to having it so close. Eating has become one of my only pleasures in the chaos.
The dust is unbelievable. I keep dusting the same things, over and over and over again. There will be no white flag in my front yard. I will not give up. I will not surrender.

Poor  Griz. He is locked up in different areas of the house while construction continues. He is confused and unhappy. His hair is falling out in patches. Mine too.
I've decided that remodeling is like child birth. We're at about 6 centimeters. I need an epidural. Like during child birth you SWEAR you will never do it again. Then once the baby is born and a little time has passed you are soooo happy that you did it and would gladly do it again for the final outcome. I know that time is coming in a month or two. I just have to hang on.

A desperate time

As I've been saying, things here are pretty messy. One of the biggest problems is not being able to find anything. At the end of a particularly difficult and long day, I needed a glass of wine. Where is the cork screw for the wine? I searched and searched. Just when I was going to give up, my wonderful husband took a tool and a screw and fashioned me this make shift bottle opener.
I love him. We will get through this.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Made me smile.

 I've been feeling pretty crappy. Don't feel like going into the "whys" on my blog, but let it suffice, it's been days and days of crappy. Then today passing my neighbor's field, I see too many legs on their mini donkey.

Wait! That's not too many legs! That's a new baby!

What is it about a baby, of any kind that just makes you smile?

Mommy eating some lunch and new baby trying a nibble.

The little girl wanted to stay reaaallly close to mommy. 
I didn't blog last Sunday... just not inspired enough. But today I was grateful for the 15 minutes I spent shooting pictures of the newest addition to the neighborhood. 
Made me smile.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I began removing wallpaper. The areas that are dark brown are where I pulled off the wallpaper-all the way down to the drywall. Probably not a good thing. Also shows my total lack of patience for this type of project.
My arms and back are aching tonight.  Ripping off paper, rocking out to "White Wedding" by Billy Idol and "New Attitude by Patti LaBelle.  The ipod made it bearable.

The following picture is the "before" the tile removal. Also, the step down into the living room and the planter under the stairway is still there.

The next picture is "after" the tile has been ripped out and the concrete has been poured into the  living room and the planter.

We have to wait 30 (#!*!!#@) freakin days to put tile over the newly poured concrete.  Something to do with letting the concrete "cure". Great. Another 30 days...

Hide and Seek

I was never good at hide & seek 
because I'd always make enough noise so my friends 
would be sure to find me. 
I don't have anyone to play those games with any more, 
but now & then I make enough noise 
just in case 
someone is still looking & hasn't found me yet.
                                                                                                           Hide and Seek
                                                                                                             Brian Andreas