Sunday, May 29, 2011

My dad, Laurence Eugene Ash

Another art project from "Art and Soul". This class was taught by Stephanie Rubiano. The instructions called for an old photo and I had the perfect one. A photo of my dad around 11 years old holding a mixing bowl. The background paper was from an old journal of his that is the actual records from his cooking club.

I enlarged the page to fit onto the background. I love this... it says "I was going to be in the food club because I could not be in the pie club. I have maid a dozen cookies tonight. They seem to be good cookies." Wow, his actual handwriting.

The photo is mounted onto birch wood and cut out with a jeweler's saw. The wings are real butterfly wings, attached to the back. The crown is cut out of cookie tins and is attached to the birch wood with tiny rivets.

The final step is putting it all together under glass. (sorry about the glare) The letters are mounted onto a scrabble holder and glued into place. The box is a sweet keepsake of my dad's early years.


  1. Karen this piece is a real keepsake. Just a wonderful piece of artwork my friend!!!!
    Your dad was a darling boy wasn't he?
    hugs fro here...

  2. This is so wonderful, it looks so neat. Love it.

  3. What an amazing project! What awesome things to have!