Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mom got married continuied...

Mom and Bob just after the wedding vows were finished. They are just the CUTEST!!

Darn! This post was suppose to FOLLOW the next post. Somehow it got mixed up and is now posting in the wrong order. Hope it still makes sense...

The "sisters" all together. Kathy, Pam (our newest sister) Rudi and me. I think she looks like us!

This was the wedding cake topper. Rudi painted it from a picture of Bob and Kay. She did the same thing for Chuck and me when we got married 35 years ago!

Mom and Bob dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

Mom wore these shoes at the wedding. She told me she didn't think they would match her outfit, "BUT THEY SAID BOB'S!!!" she told me. "I just couldn't pass them up!" So of course, Bob bought them for her. This is what you saw as she walked down the isle.
They are a riot!
Best wishes for a happy life Mom and Bob!

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  1. Karen this is so awesome! I loved both posts about your mom and Bob's wedding. I especially love the picture of you girls all together. I imagine knowing your mom is so happy just thrills you to pieces!
    hugs from here...