Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey! Mom got married!!

Mom and Kaiden (her great grandson) getting ready for the wedding.

Mom got married! She met Bob on a cruise ship almost 2 years ago. Bob was on the cruise with his family to scatter his wife's ashes. His wife had passed away from cancer 8 months earlier. Bob had been married to Pat (his wife) for 51 years. Mom had been married to our dad Larry, for 54 years. A total of 105 years married between the two of them.

Chuck (my sweetheart) walking mom down the isle.

Mom saw Bob in the ship's casino, crying. She asked him what was wrong and he explained the reason he was on the cruise. She sat and talked with him, explaining she lost her husband and listening to him speak fondly of his deceased wife.

A very happy bride!

They have been pretty much insepartable since that day. Mom is 77 years young, Bob is 76.

This bag was made for mom and Bob for their guests. It has their names, the date of the wedding and "Nothing is worth more than today", a saying that was printed onto a bracelet that Bob gave to mom.

The wedding party. Me, sister Kathy, sister Rudi, Mom, Bob, Bob's son Tom, daughter Pam, next son Tim, lastly great grand children Kaiden and Kaila.
Next post, continues wedding pictures.
Actually no, the posts are out of order and the following post already posted first. Does that make sense?


  1. They look so happy! Congratulations, you all look beautiful!

  2. I'm so happy for them! Your mom and her shoes crack me up.

  3. Hi Karen -

    Your mom told me about your blog while we were having lunch today. Nice pictures from the wedding. I didn't know about the shoes - LOL!

    I will be posting up pictures soon. We have been insanely busy since we got home from FL. Leaving in two weeks for our Alaskan cruise and Vancouver. Take care! - Tom & Lena

  4. Congratulations to mom and Bob! My mom and I enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing. xoxo
    Loved hers shoes :)