Saturday, April 9, 2011

Storing unmounted stamps

Unmounted stamps are a problem because you can't keep them organized. At least I can't seem to. When I need a stamp, they are all jumbled together.

above photo/plastic holders that came with the box
The box I bought was made for unmounted stamps. The clear plastic holders worked pretty well for the larger stamps. But once again the smaller ones were getting mixed up.

above photo/ slide holders
My friend Donna suggested I use different sized plastic holders. Talk about luck, my husband use to shoot "slide film" ( or more commonly known as just "slides") The "slide organizer" size is perfect for the smaller stamps!

above photo/baseball cards
Or luckier still, my son's old baseball card holders. The perfect size for the medium size stamps.

Lastly, the plastic pages get put into pretty decorative boxes. Now it's easy to flip through the pages until I locate the stamp I'm looking for.
Yeah! I'm doin a little happy dance...

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