Sunday, April 3, 2011

Red journal

On the postings in February, I talked about the colored journals. Four friends, four journals, four different colors. Mine is dark red. The owner of the journal decorates the cover and back cover and then it begins it's journey to all the other artists, who in turn add to the journal but have to work within your chosen color. Above is the cover of my journal, dark red.

This above photo is the back cover of the journal. It says "youth", "somewhere in the middle", and "old age scares me"

The book came back this week after spending a month with my sister Rudi. The above pencil sketches are of her "daughter in laws" sister.

These pages are of my sister, on the right (really? Did I have to say on the right?) and two of her recent paintings. It's hard to see, but the top left is 3 paintings and the one to the left of Rudi's face is beautiful painting of sea coral. I love the red, orange and gold and the way it runs down into the deep blues.

yellow is following this post.


  1. I like the red. I'm a red girl..its my fave! And yep, old age scares me too! LOL.


  2. this is such a neat project! You amaze me. So many neat ideas and your ablitiy!!!!! Love it