Sunday, February 13, 2011

playing with paint

I'm trying to work on backgrounds. Everything I do is basically on white backgrounds. It's boring.

I make something then I'm afraid to continue the process because I don't want to mess it up.

When in reality, I need to continue to work it. Or at least work AT it. I'm tired of working on white paper. It's like looking at magazines at the white, blond , blue eyed models. I find them boring. I love the bazaar. The girl who doesn't look like anyone else.
My drawings are on boring, white model, backgrounds. . .

Why am I afraid of getting busted by the Art Police? Where are they lurking? Do I think that they are watching what I do?

Wait a minute... there ARE NO ART POLICE. It's my own fear of making something ugly or well, just not good. I know that sounds really dumb... For instance, I didn't want to put this above picture on the blog because it wasn't 'blog worthy'. I compromised by putting just her head in. (she's a was a mermaid, now she's just a head)
I'm getting over it.
There are NO wrongs.
Help me get this through my white background thinking.


  1. Background....blank or white can be inspiring or not! I love what you did! I suppose that we need to let go!

  2. i hired someone from Miami to pay the art police a little 'visit'. they aren't going to be bothering us anymore......