Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mount Dora/Zellwood mansion Part 1

When your staying at someone's house and they tell you that "you won't find it" and that they'll meet you so you can "follow them in" you never quite know of what to expect...
I was unprepared for the size of the home, silhouetted under a very full moon. The house was huge, with sharp angles and back lit fireplace chimney's (13 of them), dark windows and acres (11 plus) of ancient oak trees that were draped with Spanish moss.

I looked back towards the house and snap a photo. Hmmmm, lots of white floaty things. Light 'orbs' or ghosts? I take a half dozen more photos and no more show up.

Getting the ghost vibe yet? It's definitely spooky at night, but the feeling is friendly.
The home is owned by Dick and Carla. and they are the parents of my friends Vicki and Rhonda. We've been invited many times to this home but it's in Zellwood, Florida and the only time we head over to Zellwood is during the Renninger's Antique show in Mount Dora. Last weekend was the big show, so we secured our invitation.

This is the (still great working) elevator, that you use muscle to lower and raise to the different floors. There is also a lap (type) pool in the basement and a separate basement art studio. There are three floors, (not counting the basement areas) and formal gardens.

In the morning I'm up with my camera trying to get photos before we have to rush over to Mount Dora. This is the hallway outside our bedroom. That is NOT a mirror at the end of the hall. It goes on forever! The long row of cabinets were possibly for guns. This home was originally built as a hunting lodge. Later it became part of the 'Hampton Dubose' school, so perhaps the cabinets were then used for lockers??
Continued with Part 2 following this post.