Sunday, December 19, 2010

The wedding box

My friend Maryln is officiating a wedding next month. Part of the ceremony is this box. In the box is a bottle of wine with two glasses.
The married couple writes a love letter to each other. They write down why they chose each other, the things they love about one another, their plans, hopes and dreams. Their father and mother both also write words of love and encouragement. They lock up the box and both of the newlyweds get a key.
Now the idea is, it stays locked until they hit a "bump in the road" in their married life.
If this happens the next step is to get their keys, unlock the box, open the wine and let it breathe, while they both take the letters (the other spouse wrote) into separate rooms and read them. When they finish, they come back together and drink the wine, read their parents letters and start again.
Isn't that beautiful?
This happens when there is a problem in the marriage OR their 5 year anniversary.

Start with a plain wood wine box. Pick pretty papers, ribbons and lovely things to attach to the box.

Here I customized the front with the couples names. I distressed the paper so it worked with the rest of the papers.

This is the lid of the box finished.

And the final picture above shows the sides of the box and the lid in place.
Happy marriage and may the rest of your lives be blessed.


  1. I love this idea as declares that marriage is not always easy and makes that clear right at the start but in a beautiful way .

  2. so cool. and it turned out beautiful.