Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Grizzly Christmas

Christmas can be tough. My mom always says it's the hardest time of the year because people want so badly to make others happy, and it is so difficult. There is never enough money, or enough time or we work too hard or don't buy the right things... on and on. It can be very sad. Domestic violence goes up and so do suicides. And it's suppose to be the BEST time of the year.
We have to find the joy. Most often it comes in the simple things.

In the above photo, Grizzly waits patiently for his Christmas gift. He knows he gets one every year so here he is waiting for us to finish opening all of ours.

We've had our share of awful Christmas's. Now we try and appreciate every minute, and hang on to the happy moments. This dog makes us laugh. Grizzly is a funny dog, with more than his share of personality. Here, Alex is FINALLY giving him his present.

He opens his presents himself. Here he is looking for more. More food or more paper to tear up, I'm not sure...

Christmas can be exhausting. After all those presents and doggie snacks, it's nap time.

My wish for everyone this Christmas season is to get rid of the stress and just enjoy each other.
Find something, somewhere, to make you laugh and enjoy the holidays.

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