Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crummy and old.

Hey, found this great headboard "dumpster diving" a few weeks ago. I primed it first with "BIN" spray primer. It's great and even sticks to glass. Spray cans are easiest. Next I painted it a creamy, ivory white.

I painted the scroll work with a "Jan Dressler" stencil. I used shades of gold, green, brown and plum. The crackle (for the aged look) is by "Modern Masters".

Lastly, I wiped brown stain over the entire piece letting it fill in the cracks left by the crackle medium. Now I'll just use some sandpaper to sand off some of the paint so that it looks REALLY old and crummy. HA! Who would think that old and crummy is more popular than shinny and new?


  1. That headboard came out so beautiful! I love it~

  2. i feel crummy and old....can you work that kinda miracle on me??

    i miss you. gosh.