Sunday, October 3, 2010

bed jumping

Recently we had a mini family vacation. I was spending time with my niece's two adorable kids. Her son (Kaiden) was bed jumping. Over and over he jumped from bed to bed. I remember those days, but somewhere bed jumping had lost it's appeal. Why leap back and forth?

Like so many things, we stop doing it. We lose the childish ideas and become sensible. Where's the fun in that? I think we need to learn to play more, be a little ridiculous, risk being embarrassed. Have a little moment, here and there, of pure silliness.

Maybe not so graceful or athletic as the 5 year old, but I made myself laugh until I cried, and it was good for my soul.


  1. ahahahahahahhaaha. not quite as limber as the kid there, karen, ahahahahahahaha.

  2. You're awesome. And inspired me to draw the kid out of me as well.

  3. I wasn't even looking for a new post.... I just wanted to look at your flying leap again!