Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Story of the Aprons

The Artist Apron
My first apron (that I can remember) was one I made myself and hand painted paint brushes on it. It was my first "Artist" apron. I figured that if I had a cool apron, I would look more like an artist, kinda like wearing a french barret and maybe a cape or something. I don't think I ever wore it for very long. I tried to, but it was too long and hot and I kept getting tangled up in the length. So much for cool.

The Orange Apron
Home Depot's apron was orange. The management used to say "Karen, you bleed orange blood." Then they told me I wasn't allowed to "go to blue". I think that means they didn't want any of their employees to switch over to the Sherwin William's (blue) apron. Home Depot was fun. I don't look very good in the color orange though and they wouldn't order me a special color like fuchsia...

The Purple Apron
The Art and Soul apron is purple. This is my playtime apron. I only have to look at it and I get happy. It's like a dog that sees you pick up the leash. Suddenly he's excited and happy and it's not even on yet.

The Blue Apron
My job at Sherwin Williams had me wearing a blue apron for five and a half years. This is a wonderful place to work.! I will miss this apron and all my wonderful friends.

The Green Apron
My newest apron is GREEN! It's a Starbucks apron. I am loving working at the coffee shop. It's clean, they play great music, it smells like coffee, the food is terrific and the customers are so sweet. I also love the pace, it is non stop! Here is a picture of me in the latest apron.
Hey, a "Coffee Master" wears a black apron... maybe that's next!


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  1. What a coincidence! An ostriches favorite color is green! No joke. They also love coffee and and blueberry crumble muffins.