Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello everyone,
I'm home today, fighting back a cold that threatens to keep me from my new job. :(
I can't miss work already.

This is that time of year. Should I say awful? Yeah, that about sums it up. Working has kept me busy. That's a good thing, kinda. It's nonstop customers, learning new things, meeting new people. But you can't escape 'it'.
Chuck's doctor said "The body doesn't let you forget". That is true. Pain sneaks up and knocks you over when you least expect it.
This week I found a toy skateboard in the parking lot. It was tiny, about 3 inches. Someone had run over it in their car, so it was almost broken in half.
I got knocked over, practically knocked out of my car. The broken skateboard is still there, in my car, on the seat. I can't throw it away.
It will stay with me like everything else that I can't lose. Those things that keep him here, in front of me, so it doesn't all fade away.

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  1. Karen, I am thinking of you. Do you know the book "The Little Prince" from St Exupery, it is a story about losing a loved one and sadness and trying to go ahead with your life.I love you Brigitte