Friday, July 23, 2010

Rainy day Friday

Tropical Storm Bonnie came into town this morning with more of a whimper than a growl. There has been some rain and wind but mostly beautiful dark skies with clouds whipping around and distant thunder. Perfect for coffee, couch and some art and reading. Most of the day it's been so dark it looks like it's twilight and not 1:00 in the afternoon.

With all the rain comes inspiration to finish work on the crow picture. No, I'm not loving it. It looks too dirty. In fact I hate it. There are many things that I want to add or subtract but I'm sick of it and I wouldn't even put it on the blog except there has been some comments and suggestions and I feel I need to at least let you all know that I'm putting it in the back of the art room closet.
Whew. That was a very long sentence.

This is as much of it as I'm showing...

I did learn from this working process. The cemetery stamps and crosses are the best. I also recommend the "Stabilo" pencil.

Perhaps I really don't like to paint after all...



  1. Yep, trying to keep dry here too. I like how your project is progressing. Lots of great texture and layers. I'm definitely going to check out the Stabilo pencil.

  2. Karen Keep trying, your work is beautiful! Brigitte

  3. I love rainy days! The gray of the sky and the clouds touching the ground! Mysterious...makes you dream!