Thursday, July 8, 2010

New stamps

My new set of stamps just arrived from Michelle Ward/Green Pepper Press. They are beautiful! I cleaned off some space to cut them all out, but my work space is still so crowded! I still haven't finished my necklace from Sally Jeans soldering class at Art & Soul on the left and I have 3 other projects on the table waiting for me to work on as well. That's not to forget the 4 or 5 sitting in the closet! Now I want to put all of it aside and start working on Michelle's cool stamps! I seriously need to quit my job (out of the question right now) or win the lottery! Once again I need to read up on how to complete one thing before starting another...

Below is the new set stamped out on paper. I think she made them just for me.


  1. Karen the new stamps are wonderful! I know you will use them in the most unusual way!

  2. i want the cemetery crosses as a tattoo around my wrist!

  3. I have this same set!! I can't wait to see how you will use them!