Thursday, July 8, 2010


One of my very best friends had "Lasiks" done on her eyes today. She's been wearing glasses for 5 years and decided she was tired of it.
I am so over wearing glasses too. I hate them.
Right after she had it done she could see 20/20. Wow! And it only took seconds!! The doc said her eyes will get better each day for a few weeks. It's amazing!

Does anyone out there have any experience with the Lasiks surgery?


  1. I was going to try, but my eyes are so bad, they said I would STILL have to wear glasses (just thinner lenses), so I must embrace them and love em and wear em. :D Good luck, let us know if you do it!


  2. I had it done about 5 years ago and am so happy that I did. My recommendation is to find a good doctor with lots of experience and not someone who just does a bunch everyday for the money. You will need to "rest" your eyes for about a week and really let them heal. I am soooo happy to be rid of my contacts and can see when I open my eyes in the morning.
    Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.