Sunday, July 11, 2010

caffeine energy?

Is it caffeine energy? I go from no art projects to starting 3 in one day. This is my couch. I spent all day on it. Is there room for me here? I watched TV, drank coffee, drew stuff, painted, sanded paper clay and even read some! It was a dream day.

This is a painting I started this morning. It says "Courage" at the top. Chuck says the big bird in the foreground needs some courage. He looks frightened, like he's looking over his shoulder, scared.
I haven't decided what to do next on this. I need some help. I think I'll add some more words and maybe glue or crackle some on the surface. Are you suppose to draw it out first? I just got my gravestone stamps from "Green Pepper Press". I'd like to put them in there somewhere but then it starts looking too macabre... do I care?

Speaking of "macabre" These are some paper clay heads I'm playing with. I painted them today too. See what I mean? I was really on a roll today! I'm loving this paper clay. Thank you Julie Haymaker Thompson! I don't know what I'm going to do with them... Maybe start an early Halloween project.

Griz didn't care. He kept trying to get close to me but couldn't fit between the couch and table. I purposely move them very close together so he can't get in to slobber on what I'm working on. His feelings were hurt.

Can you tell?


  1. Sorry Griz has hurt feelings but sounds like you had a great day! Love the paper clay heads - I've never used that stuff - you have inspired me to give it a try!
    I like your bird painting - if you do put gravestones on it it will be awesome for Halloween which will be here before we know it!

  2. Lisa,
    Thank you for visiting! The paper clay is one of the coolest mediums to work in. Check out Julie Haymaker Thompson somewhere in Google land... You will be amazed at how much fun this is!
    If I were born 25 years later, I would have been a "Goth" girl. I want to add the gravestones but I don't want it just for Halloween. I love the old cemetery look. But between the crow AND the graves... hmmmmm
    I'm getting closer to getting the lasiks. I'm a fraidy cat! I had a face lift about 3 years ago. LOVE it, however I had some issues... Even with the issues I'd do it again in a heart beat! But, I"m a little freaked about having someone poke around my eyes.
    I'll keep you posted!

  3. I am enjoying the cool projects. Poor Mr. Grizzly, he was just wanting to add his "special touch" to your projects..he he he.