Saturday, July 17, 2010

crow picture (still)

It's hard work trying to become an artist!
I put the crow picture away for a week and started on it again today. I'm still not liking it, but do see some improvement.
The "Stabilo"pencil is so cool! I need to rework the smudged areas so they are more smudgy and I am absolutely loving the cross and cemetery stamps from Michelle Ward (Green Pepper Press).
The yellow crow (see below) is my favorite, but I don't think he is working with the painting. I think I'm going to have to paint him out. In the mean time, I do think he is kinda alright.
I'll keep you posted on how it's coming along and as always, I would love your input.


  1. Karen - great looking piece! It is really handsome, and the colors are so yummy. I'm thrilled to see you using the stamps, and happy to hear you are liking them. My opinion: I wouldn't lose the yellow crow. In fact, if it is your favorite element I think you should pull inspiration from that. How about adding in a few branches and maybe some outlines of crosses in the same fashion (yellow with smudgy outlines) to balance the composition and make the yellow crow feel welcome? Try color copying this As Is and work out some sketches.

  2. Hi Karen
    I am so delighted that you stopped by. I love your work and I am so looking forward to see more of your amazing talent. Grizzly is adorable!!!. We love our Lola she is such a character. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Warm wishes

  3. Karen,
    I am loving your crow picture. I agree with Michelle, I wouldn't get rid of the crow either, I especially love the yellow crow.

    I also love Michelle's stamps, they are really fun to play with.

    Until later,

    Judy N

  4. Ditto to all the above.
    Now - who is Karen and how do I get crow stamps? I have been looking for some with some realism and some size for over a year!

  5. btw - I think my eye is pulling in the red from the cloth on the table that the painting is sitting on, along w/the paints and fibers on (my)( right of the painting. (badly constructed sentence), oh well).