Friday, May 28, 2010

Art and Soul/ JDM

Wow! I got to work with torches! This picture is of Stephanie Lee working on a piece of her jewelry. This was an intense class. I will definitely work on this some more. Unfortunately, my piece I made was in need of more work, so, you won't be seeing it.
Attaching a jump ring to the bezel.
I DID complete the bracelet (shown here in the foreground) and I'm wearing it right now! The necklace is so gorgeous! Stephanie had already sold this one. I really wish I had made more progress. This necklace can be worn 3 different ways.
This is a close up of one of Stephanie's bezels. It is filled with found objects, glued into place. The top cover is mica, secured down with 2 part epoxy glue and wrapped in silver wire. OMG! It was so pretty.

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  1. What a pretty piece, it all looks like it was such fun. Glad you got to go and get some creativity flowing! :D

    yapping cat