Friday, May 28, 2010

Art and Soul/ faux bone

My Friday class was with Robert Dancik. This is a product he calls "faux bone". Its a form of PVC and totally non toxic. You cut it out with a jeweler's saw and then sand it down into whatever shape you want. VERRRYYY COOOL!
Here a piece was heated with a heat gun, then a stamp was pressed into it and shoe polish was brushed over the surface.
This was a piece he carved with the jeweler's saw and scratched the surface with an exacto knife and stamped circles into the finished surface. A tiny hole was drilled on either side to hold the wire that held the "spinning bead" in place.
It's easy to do "transfer's " onto the surface.
Another one of Robert's pieces. All of these were his.... I still can't find mine in my pile of stuff from the trip.

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