Sunday, April 11, 2010

trying watercolors

After watching Rhonda (the artist) at Epcot, I was inspired to try my hand at watercolor painting. The fairies seem like a natural because I'm still on the Disney World fantasy "high". BUT, painting is tough!
Not to be self deprecating, but I don't like my art. (wait, isn't that self deprecating? duh)
I have a stamp that says "Her Art Disturbed Her" It's one of my favorite stamps.
My art does disturb me. Why is that?
Your thoughts here are probably "So why put it on your blog?"
Because I view my blog like my weird journals. I don't mind sharing my thought there, either. I suppose it's who I am. I'll tell you just about anything about myself. Nothing deep, nothing hidden, it's all hanging out for all to see.
Maybe it's not that I don't like my art, it just disturbs me.
Art, (as they say) is a journey, a process. I'm still working at the acceptance part.

1 comment:

  1. I like your painting! The fairy faces are so good! I want to see more! Also 6 days!!!!