Friday, April 16, 2010

Surrounded by artist's

This is my backyard. My husband's birdhouses are beautiful. My sister is the creator of the snails. Check these out. I mean really, click on them, the picture... They are so beautiful. She made them out of concrete. I would like to move them to a different place in the yard, but I need heavy machinery to lift them! They remind me of something out of "Alice in Wonderland". They have so much human personality. Plus, they have really cool mold growing on them. I would love to sculpt out of concrete. Hmmm, sounds like another project.
I've been spending the last two weekends recuperating. I'm still not right. (hee hee) I MEAN THE FLU!! There's been time spent on house work and also a lot of rest. Whew. I do not deal well with these dreaded virus's.
Today I worked on some art. I'm getting ready to send off some more stuff to "Stampington & Co." Keeping my finger's crossed that I might get published once again.
Everyone have a great weekend. I'll talk to you all again on Sunday.

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