Sunday, April 18, 2010

send off

Today I put together another box of my art to go to "Stampington" magazine. I packed, repacked, unpacked, labeled with necessary information, wrapped once again with bubble wrap, printed the list of products used and added the directions of "how to's". Tomorrow I will address the package and send it off to California. Finally!
Then comes the very long wait and wondering if it will be accepted.
It's like art shows. You work and work, set up your booth, put yourself out there. Then you wait for someone to come by and want what you offer. My sister (the artist) says it's kind of like being a prostitute. Sad comparison, but true in some ways. People come by and look and say yes or no. Your on display, everything hanging out there for opinions and (hopefully) takers. Inevitably, there are people that say "No, your charging too much", or, your (art's) not their taste. I've learned that it's alright to be passed on.
I'm somebody's type, or I mean my art is somebody's taste.
Tomorrow I send off my box with positive thoughts.


  1. i am sending positive thoughts for you to pack in your are IN my love!!! your artwork is divine...have faith!

  2. I can't imagine anything but a very positive outcome. Your work is so beautiful. Best of luck to you!!!

    Marlene F.

  3. Good luck Karen. The waiting is so long.